There have been some recent additions to the Bridgewater Hall property, a small animal pen! My kids and I love animals so we decided to clear a field on the property in hopes of adding some chickens in the Fall of 2020. Well, the project grew, the chickens came in August and then the rabbits.

The chickens and the rabbits sleep in two little houses, one for the male and one for the females, to keep it down to four.  We are so happy with our little animal pen, the animals bring so much joy and the guests love watching them in the field. We collect the chicken eggs daily and delivery them to a baker who uses them to make the fresh banana muffins we then offer to our guests. Our plan is to continue growing the little animal shelter and have it completed over the Fall.

Our small animal pen
Our Chicken Coop
Mac holding the Rooster
Chickens in Coop
White Chicken
Eggs from coop